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About Us

Here at Contento Canines our training style focuses on the principles of balance and consistency, whilst making the process enjoyable and fulfilling for dogs and their owners.

Our mission is to help dogs and their owners to understand each other and communicate  effectively, thus strengthening the dog-owner bond, and really forging the 'mans best friend' relationship. We truly believe that by achieving this goal, we can help keep dogs out of shelters, and create harmony within the home.


Our Story

The beauty of our story is that, like so many others, we’ve gone through some incredibly difficult challenges with our own dogs. Over the past 10 years we’ve dealt with biting, guarding, reactivity, jumping, pulling on walks, destroying of the house, whatever you can think of…we have most likely gone through it! Unfortunately, like many dog owners we just thought that all the behaviours we were dealing with, were just a part of normal dog ownership, as frustrating and as difficult as it was to deal with, we just didn’t know any better.

Fast forward to 2020, we found out that we were expecting our first child, and we knew that something had to change. With Covid rearing its ugly head we were forced to stay at home, which now gave us the time to finally seek help to try and fix these problematic behaviours. After spending endless hours researching some incredible trainers, and following at-home training programs, we began to realise that we, the owners, were actually causing the issues we were experiencing. Unknowingly we were reinforcing undesirable behaviours, and not exercising them anywhere near enough. We weren’t satisfying our dogs mentally either, which is just as, if not more important than physical exercise. Once we began to realise what our dogs REALLY needed from us, we began to see incredible changes and began to rebuild a loving a respectful bond with our pups.

Throughout the process of training, we discovered a real love, joy and passion for the art of training. Loving dogs is one thing, (they really are the best animals in the world) but building a relationship where there is understanding and trust, is something we believe every dog owner should be able to experience. This is the core reason of why Christian decided to pursue a career in dog training and obedience, which then led to the establishment of Contento Canines in 2022!

Under the incredible tutelage of Will Atherton and his academy, we are constantly learning new techniques, skills and knowledge about canine behaviour and psychology, which has led us to the position where we can finally do what we love doing most…helping dogs and their owners, to nurture and build their relationship into something all of us dog lovers dream about…a truly loving bond with man's best friend!

Meet the Team

Trainer - Christian

Admin - Katelyn

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