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Behaviour Assessment and consultation 


Our behaviour assessment involves a one-and-a-half hour consultation service. During this initial consult, we can assess any problem behaviours or concerns in person. From there, we can formulate a plan to help you move forward and recommend changes that you can implement to help unpick the issues you may be facing. During this process we exhibit step-by-step training drills, and demonstrate how to stop unwanted behaviours, but more importantly, reinforce the behaviours that you want to see more frequently. In most cases, from this session you will already be able to see changes in your dogs’ behaviour and your relationship, and have the confidence to implement the strategies recommended. (We generally recommend at least 2-3 further private 1:1 sessions to really take advantage of the assessment and consult service. For those of you outside of our 15km radius, assessments and consults can be done via phone call or video call).

1:1 Private training


A 1 hour private session within your home, or at a mutual meeting place. Whether it be dealing with issues such as, lead pulling or poor manners in the home (jumping, counter surfing , sock stealing, furniture hogging and guarding) ,destructive behaviours or simply want to learn a bit of basic obedience, we've absolutely got you covered. This session is a follow up service from an initial behaviour assessment and consultation.

Puppy basics


Our Puppy Basics service is designed to help you raise your puppy into a well-rounded, respectful, and loving companion. We will educate you on what to expect in the different puppy development phases and guide you on how to establish the right foundations for creating a happy and well mannered pup. This service covers basic obedience and will help you to understand and utilise proper socialisation, setting boundaries and teaching manners in and out of the home. This service consists of 3 x 1 hour sessions, with continued support and check ins at crucial development periods in your pups first year of life.

Dog walking


We get it, life can be a little hectic sometimes and you may be short on time to be able to take your dog for their daily walk. Physical and mental stimulation is an incredibly important aspect of dog ownership, so we are here to help! Our 45 minute walking sessions have you covered. Our walks focus on breed specific needs, keeping walks interesting and satisfying for your canine companions.

Walk and Train


Our 45 minute dog walking service, with a little bit more. Level up on basic obedience  in more distracting environments and structured exposer to all kinds of different sights and smells, solidifying proper socialisation.

Breed for me Consultation


Are you looking to add a new furry family member? This is a unique service that we are extremely passionate about. We’re here to help you choose the right breed for you and your family. Choosing a breed that is compatible with you and your lifestyle is the most important decision you’ll make once you’ve decided you’re ready to add a puppy/dog into your life. This service includes getting to know you through extensive communication that allows us to determine the right breed for you based on your field of work, lifestyle, family dynamic etc. Once we find the right breed for you, we’ll help you talk to breeders/rescues and ask all the nitty gritty questions. Together we can create plans and schedules ahead of time, setting you and your dog up for success for the future.

*For an additional cost we can also help you pick a puppy from the litter*

**Disclaimer: These prices are based on a travelling distance within a 15km radius of the Tea Tree Gully area, additional travel costs may apply for any travel beyond this radius**


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